The Mission

The goal of the JoySwing Jazz Orchestra is to glorify God by bringing encouragement and musical education to churches and Christian organizations and by sharing the good news of Christ to the general public through big band jazz.

The Method

JoySwing brings encouragement through concerts featuring instrumental and vocal music designed to provide an uplifting and exciting experience for the listeners as well as educating them about the rich history of the musical genre called jazz as it affects the church. The selections chosen, and the informative commentary, are designed to draw the listeners’ attention to their basis for faith and peace in Jesus Christ, and encourage them to seek the integration of Biblical truth into their daily lives.

Programs for the general public are presented to a variety of audiences including festivals, jazz clubs, civic and other non-profit organizations, and generally any public venue. These feature well known big band music and standards interwoven with gospel songs of the jazz genre. Commentary highlights the origins of the music as well as its importance and relevance for the audience.

The Musicians

The ensemble includes twenty instrumentalists, vocalists, technicians and a musical director all of whom are accomplished performers. All JoySwing musicians are highly trained and play professionally in a variety of ensembles and venues in Indianapolis and throughout the Midwest. Many have made music their full time occupation.

The Music

A JoySwing sacred jazz concert features music of the swing and jazz styles incorporating traditional hymns and spirituals as well as arrangements of contemporary Christian songs with the unique sound of Big Band Jazz.

JoySwing performs musical scores from award winning arrangers and composers.

The Future

JoySwing also has a plan for future growth that includes very exciting ministry goals. These include the addition of ensembles performing other musical genres including classical and folk. As a logical expansion these ensembles will become part of a new entity called Barnabas, Inc.

In addition to supporting the ministry of various musical ensembles Barnabas, Inc. will work with educators and others to identify highly gifted young Christian musicians. These young people will be offered the opportunity to receive specialized musical training in their chosen discipline while at the same time being discipled in their Christian life. The desired end result will be a group of young Christian musicians going into the world of professional performing arts prepared to not only honor the Lord with the talent they have been given but also to live as “salt” and “light” in pointing others toward Jesus Christ.

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